'Who We Are' at citizenM Hotels in New York and Amsterdam

By A K

'Who We Are' at citizenM Hotels in New York and Amsterdam

How do you know a hotel is cool? It's not the fully automated check-in system that lets me find my reservation and code my keycard myself - though I would have loved that when I was on the road 3 nights a week. It's not the beautifully curated collection of design objects and pop art that covers every surface, though that is pretty.


citizenM Hotel Bowery


It's when they invite the original 5pointz artists to throw up a vertical love letter to the Bowery and turn their staircase into an incredible art installation for their opening. THAT is how you know a hotel is cool.


Our museum had no doors and no ceiling. It was by the people for the people.


Oh, and given their impeccable taste, naturally, they are the first physical retail location for 'Who We Are'. First in their Bowery and Amsterdam locations, and soon in other citizenM hotels around the world.


Who We Are at citizenM Bowery


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