Our Story

Who We Are is a beautifully designed box of 55 cards, each with a question proven to start extraordinary conversations. It gets groups past facades, filters, and small talk and is designed to work with close groups of friends and family as well as new acquaintances. 

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Who We Are is the first product from The Conversation Lab, a new company that builds thoughtful products that foster empathy, create connections, and deepen relationships with the people around us.

We want to deepen human connections through
empathy, humor, and language.


Anthony, Laura, and Vikram spend their days in the worlds of tech and media where the things they build are primarily designed to connect people. It has, however, become increasingly apparent to them that these products and services frequently have the opposite effect, causing polarization, loneliness, anxiety, and tech addiction. We have never been more disconnected from each other and ourselves.


Laura Fox, Co-Founder

Laura is an Associate Director at Sidewalk Labs (a Google company) and spends her days re-imagining the future of cities and their inhabitants. She was a golf caddie for seven summers as a kid and learned to use a steady stream of questions as a way of connecting with older, richer players she had nothing in common with – which led to her nickname “20 Questions” (a subject covered in her TED talk.)

Favorite question : When did you last change a strongly held opinion? What was it and what made you change?


Anthony Koithra, Co-Founder

Anthony is a Partner and Founding Member at BCG Digital Ventures. An odd, multi-headed beast, Anthony moves constantly between the worlds of strategy, art, design, and engineering - using empathetic questions and precise language to bridge the gaps between perspectives that are frequently at odds. He is happiest when he is making things, telling stories, and singing karaoke.

Favorite question : What role has luck played in your life? What is one of the luckiest things that has happened to you?


Vikram Bhaskaran, Co-Founder

Vikram is currently Head of Market Development at Pinterest. He grew up in Bangalore, India and has fond memories of family and friends engaged in deep, long, playful conversations by candlelight (powercuts were a regular occurrence). Vikram lives and breathes language, and in a prior life built Samosapedia, a cultural encyclopedia for South Asia. He also sits on the boards of the Museum of Food and Drink and the Edward Murrow Center.

Favorite question : If you had a dinner party and you could invite 4 people dead or alive to dine with you, who would they be and why?

We look forward to extraordinary conversations with you.