Announcing a new partnership with Humanly

By A K

Announcing a new partnership with Humanly

We’re excited to announce a new collaboration between Who We Are and Humanly, an organization that creates trusted spaces for people living with cancer to be themselves.

This special edition aims to facilitate more meaningful connections and conversations about the human experience of living with cancer. It focuses on questions that explore funny and nostalgic areas as well as deeper topics, including how life, senses (like touch and smell), routines, feelings of comfort, and so much more have changed since being diagnosed -- both for the person with cancer, as well as their friends, family, and caregivers.

Who We Are - Humanly Edition

Together, we believe in the power of individual personal moments that create a shared experience to instill comfort, strength, and optimism.

This collaboration is part of “Our Story,” a Humanly product that creates a safe space and empathetic community for cancer patients to listen to, connect with, and share stories.

To learn more about Humanly, visit

Level 3 Card - Humanly Edition


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